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Paula Bond Heller - Owner - Photographer

Atlanta Photographer

My name is Paula Bond Heller.  Some of my friends and family call me PB that is how PB Photography was given the  name. 

As a photographer I am able to express myself through my pictures. 

I have always taken pictures but started considering a career in photography many years ago while on vacation.   After hours of classes and some great mentoring, I’ve been shooting professionally for people, events and businesses all over Atlanta.  It’s important to me to make everyone feel relaxed and confident.   I like for a photoshoot to happen organically.   When on location, I get to shoot and work with the elements around me for inspiration.  I’ve had some amazing opportunities to shoot rock shows, local events, headshots, corporate events and the list grows every day.  I would love to shoot for you!  

Meet Me On The Other Side Of The Lens . . .

Peace & Love 

Paula Bond Heller

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